Friday, June 25, 2010

It's going to happen less and less frequently, but last night I actually kicked out a scrapbook page.  And no one could be more surprised about than I am.  And more surprising than the fact that I did a page is that the entire process took me less than 2 hours.  We're talking, 2 hours from pulling the pictures out to cleaning up the desk afterwards.  That's a record for me, and the fact that I like the page is even more surprising.

I think that it helped that I knew that I wanted the layout to fun.  Yes, it's a layout about the kid getting bit by the dog, but it's also about how goofy she is, that despite the fact that she was actually DRIPPING BLOOD from those cuts, she wasn't sure if this was an emergency.  So yeah, still not "fun", but I certainly didn't want to steer it in the direction of being morbid.  Plus, the focal point photo is her mugging...  I should probably come up with a way to put her big smiling picture on there, too.  Hmmmm.

The biggest problem I had was using that green polka dot paper.  That's from Scenic Route, and ever since they went out of business I've been using that paper ever so carefully...  Like the way a person would take hits of water out of a canteen when they're stranded in the desert.  I know that once that paper is gone it's GONE and that makes me a little sad and a little panicky.  Yes, I like it THAT MUCH. 

The title font is called "Gentle Redhead".  It reminds me of the colored acrylic letters that ki came out with a while back.  I definitely think it's fun!  The yellow paper is Little Yellow Bicycle, the backside of one of the Zinnia line papers, and the black patterned paper is sei.  The covered brads are Basic Grey.  I'm pretty pleased with myself that nothing here was "meant" to with anything else - I didn't take three different papers from the same line, a la Garanimals style.  (Did you know they still made Garanimals??  Holy Cow!)  Anyway, I don't always have the greatest amount of confidence with mixing and matching papers. 

And this is just too cute not to share.  I made a thank you card for the coworker that filled in for me when I had to run out to Maggie to the urgent care.  This isn't actually the card, but after making that card I got coerced into making a Father's Day card for Kerig's dad.  I absolutely love this little superhero boy, and the "D" on the shield just makes me happy - those yellow/oranges with that red is so happy... 

I probably won't have 10 minutes to be creative again until this semester is over, so I'm just going to soak up the much needed, all-about-me therapy that I got from whipping out that page last night...