Saturday, February 27, 2010


Oh, how I loved her. I may have loved her to death.

Hands down, my Silhouette has been my absolute favorite scrapbooking tool EVER.

You know how you have that revelation as a shopper about cost per use? You buy the killer pair of pumps to wear to the wedding with that amazing dress and you look HOT, but the shoes are a little owwie, and too high to wear that frequently, so you maybe wear them 3 times before giving up on them entirely. You paid $75 for them, which means it cost you $25 each time you wore them? Meanwhile, you buy a comfy white tank top that cost $10 for and wore to bed twice a week for a solid year, which means its cost per use is less than 10 cents a wear? Yeah, I think people look at the Silhouette like it's the fancy pumps, but to me it was the comfy tank top.
So I am in the market for a new, comfy tank, er, I mean Silhouette. And for a while I'll be squirreling away ten dollar bills so I can afford it without it hurting too much.

In the meantime, here's the very last thing she helped me make:

This is my most recent Circle Journal layout. The theme was spontaneous trips. I'm not much of a traveler, and for the most part "vacations" are planned well in advance - you don't navigate 2 or 3 or 4 kids very well without advance planning. Of course, this was one of the only trips I've taken in my adult life without kids, so I guess that explains that.

At any rate, the compass rose, the grunge frame, title, and borders are all from the Silhouette. And so is the cute little negative frame on the left side that goes around the Welcome to Iowa photo! That was the first time I had used that and was looking forward to finding another use for that shape. Alas, maybe later....

And oh, the irony: I just stocked up on mats and blades...

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