Thursday, August 19, 2010


Holy cow.  I just glanced over at the calendar and realized that I have only 5 more days until my next semester starts.  I have so been enjoying the last two weeks of slacking that it's going to take a little effort to get psyched up again for buckling down and being all school-y.  Of course, I could mention that last semester was barely over before I was out buying new sprial notebooks, #2 pencils (which I don't need) and a CUTE Harajuku Lovers pencil case from Target to keep them in.  Always thinkin'...    Now, if I could only remember exactly what courses I'm signed up for. Seriously, can't remember and I can't find any confirmation emails or anything.  Am I panicked?  No, but I guess I have some work ahead of me.

So, in honor of my FIVE days of remaining freedom, things that I've been obsessing about:



Hyperbole: I haven't wanted anything this badly since my 4th grade birthday when I was getting a new bike. 
Reality: I haven't wanted anything this badly since my last camera purchase.  And this is reallyreallyreally close.

Too bad they're sold out EVERYWHERE.  Did you even watch that video?  So cool! 



I am not certain what it is about this that so has my attention.  His prison tattoos?  Her Hellen Keller bang job?  The total lack of underwear?  The fact that DJ Hi Tech rocks it on a PC computah?  Or maybe that this guy, who reminds me so much of Vanilla Ice, thinks he's "gangsta".  I'm willing to wager that South Africaan gansters are quite a bit different than those we think of in Jersey and LA.  The lyrics are foul at best, but there's something infectious about it.  I think I've watched this ten times in the last week.


Just picked up the Jeremy Fisher CD from the library the other day.  Some really good folksy/acoustic stuff, but I keep playing this track over and over.  I can't sing to save my life, but I've been having great fun hollering along with the chorus. 



Actually, THE ENTIRE "WHIP IT" SOUNDTRACK ROCKS.  The movie was incredible, a coming of age movie with so many layers, not the least of which is the mother-daughter relationship...  If I were a movie-buying kind of person, I'd plunk down money for it, but I'm not so I'll just settle for putting it on my library queue over and over and over again.  And in the meantime, my commutes are a less stressful as I rock out and try not to look stupid to other drivers.  Try.  Mostly unsuccessfully.


I can't believe I'm even admitting to this one.  But when I was taking my classes this summer, I "hated" my one class so much that watching this show was the carrot that I had to dangle  in order to get my homework done.  "Just finish the stupid (&#$@&!!) assignment by 10 and you can watch RHNJ!"  That's what the cool people call it....the cool, procrastinating, perfectionist, chip-on-their-shoulders people.  You know them.  They go by Caroline.  And talk about themselves in the third person.  And plural.  Sheesh.  Anyway, season finale's on this Monday, so I better find another carrot...

This is by no means a complete list.  A complete list would include Bella Blvd, Silhouette, The Next Food Network Star, Rolling Rock,  Keen sneakers, magic bananas, tattoos, money, and my bed.  But in the interest of "celebrating" (she says while making sarcastic air quotes and rolling her eyes) we'll keep the list to just five. 

Here's to five more days without homework.

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