Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On a roll.

Seriously.  I haven't done 3 layouts in a week since...well, a REALLY long time.  And I guarantee there was some sort of deadline involved and I ended up hating them.  So three, no deadline and liking them seems like crazy talk.

The journalling reads:

Year End 16 Review:
1. Major Art Award @ Lakeland
2. Enrolled in Driver's Ed
3. Inducted into the National Honor Society
4. Passed Driver's Test on the first try. (Yay, Maggie!)
5. Landed 1st boyfriend
6. Gold Medalist in the Molympics
(who could forget the Molympics!)
7. Attended Portfolio Show at MICA
8. Landed first job at the big BK

I'm not gonna blather on about it.  I like it.  So does Maggie.  And that's all that really matters.
(Look at me, getting all Zen in my old age...)

I will say this.  I'm getting increasingly frustrated at trying to digitize layouts for sharing.  The sheer lack of light is making it difficult to get a good photo.  I got so frustrated today that I scanned this in four parts and stitched it together.  That's so old skool.  And the results seem just as cruddy.  If anyone has some great suggestions that don't involve dragging out my studio lights, I'm all ears...

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