Sunday, June 26, 2011

Earworms and other things I can't get out of my head

Seems like everybody's got a price tag
I wonder how they sleep at night
When the sale comes first and the truth comes second
So the lyrics that open the song drew me in and compelled me to look up the video just to see what she looks like.  The reason I'm sharing the video though is that in certain spots she flashes this smile that makes her look exactly like Cameron Diaz.

You can't hear this song without involuntarily reaching for the volume knob and simultaneously starting to  head bob. By the way, this blog post will be the most productive thing I do all day.  So I'm totally embracing the lazy philosophy today.

Dear sweet baby Jesus, please let me get over this obsession soon.  At any given point in time in the last three weeks, if I'm sitting with my laptop the answer to "Whatcha doin'?" is a sheepish "Pintrest."

But where else can I find:

The tricked out laundry room of my dreams?

Great ideas for posters in my (future) classroom?

A scraptable that makes my knees weak?

Photo inspiration that's beautiful AND doable?

4.  Friendship Bracelets
It's not that I set out to recreate the summer of my junior year...  Frankly, we're going to blame this one on Pintrest, too.  First, for me, Pintrest is all about collecting things you want to make or do or ways to decorate.  It's got my creative juices all cracked out.  And I'm spending the week at the manfriend's apartment, so my creative outlets are generally limited to digital stuff, but alas, my camera's in the shop and I'm totally in the mood to paper scrapbook, but digital scrapbooking really doesn't satisfy that itch.  So when I saw the super easy tutorial on creating friendship bracelets I decided that it was cheap, easy to haul the supplies up three flights of stairs and wouldn't create an enormous mess.  So for the last couple of days I've been cranking out these babies:

I made one for Molly, then tweaked the way I did it a little, made one for Maggie, tweaked it again, made one for me.  Then another one two for me.  Then more for Molly and Maggie.  I think I need to go back and buy red and grey and black floss and make one or two for Ted.  If I do them in his team's colors maybe he'll wear it and think it's "cool"...originally I thought he might think it was "girly" so I only bought girly colors.  Well, we'll see what he thinks and make him 2 or 3 if wants any.  In the meantime, they make me happy - the ones I'm wearing just make me feel beachy and tan and young.  None of that actually applies, but I like the mental lift it's giving.

I just mentioned that my camera is out for repair.  Because the woman in charge of our repair department hates me I probably won't get it back until sometime in January.  (I'm not lying about how much this woman feels about me, and I swear, my blood pressure is spiking as I think about how long I'll have to wait for my camera to come back because of it)  HOWEVER, in the meantime, I've been playing with this little beauty:

Isn't she pretty?  I just want to cover her with Hello Kitty stickers and keep her in my Hello Kitty purse.  

So you may or may not know that Polaroid stopped making film several years ago.  Having never really been a huge Polaroid lover this hasn't really affected me, except at work.  As the old saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens.  Once Polaroid was "out of the picture" (ba da dum!) Fuji jumped in and saved the crappy-instant-picture day.  Breakfast with Santa and the Easter Bunny is back on!

But this isn't the Breakfast with Santa camera.  Oh no.  This is so much cooler than that.  (A)  Look how cute it is.  Do you see that? CUTE! and (B) It doesn't spit out ginormous ugly pictures.  It spits out adorable little 2ish by 3ish inch photos that are only moderately crappy.  So moderately crappy that this photo snob feels justified in calling them kitschily-imperfect.  I made that up.  Especially the variation on kitschy, but damn if it isn't an accurate representation of the what this camera does.     

I am upset to say the least that I have all these creative juices flowing AND it's summer and I have no camera.  But playing with this is salvaging my attitude.  And probably keeping me from marching downtown and telling Nancyanne what I think of her.  ;)

By the way, if you're interested, this is a GREAT offer.  The film is hard to find to say the least and you'll want to have a stash saved up, because once you start it's hard to stop pushing the shutter button on this thing.

So that's where I am and what I'm thinking about this lovely summer Sunday.  Later I'm grabbing Chipotle and taking it to the local beach park with my honey.  I ♥♥♥ summer!

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