Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"I feel..."

To say that I'm participating in Your Story Matters would be a gross overstatement.  However, the prompts are coming in and they make me want to scrap, to tell my story.  And maybe after the holidays, maybe during semester break I'll add it to the piles of stuff that I want to do.

But the first prompt came in a couple days ago around midnight and I read it before heading to bed.  "I feel..."  And I could barely sleep for thinking about the way "I feel."  I tried to sum up what I feel and I couldn't.  I feel happy. And excited.  And focused.  I feel hopeful, and excited, and blessed. I feel optimistic.  I feel loved, and I am oozing love back at my family.  It's weird, really, for me.  I'm not generally a "happy" person.  I consider myself a realist.  But all this good stuff is real, and there's nothing wrong with appreciating it.  And I am.  I am filled with wonder and amazement at my good fortune.

I started thinking about how to finish the sentence.  And I decided that I am 'over flowing" - over flowing with happiness and hopefulness and direction and love.  So then I thought about what that might look like.  An explosion? A rainbow of colors? Hearts (for love), stars (for the bright future), butterflies (for the change)? Yes.

That's probably not the best picture of me, but I like it.  It's mock irritation at my headset, which mooshes my ears and makes me cranky.  I wear them when I take my online classes.  The headset makes me cranky, but the classes make me happy. I thought it was a good place to start my excitement explosion.

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