Saturday, February 25, 2012

Washi goes practical

"We need volunteers."  Every mother's favorite sentence. ;)

Instead of going through the whole back story I will just say:

Washi tape is the perfect stuff to hold down die cuts for sending through the printer.  Yes, I still used some Dotto to hold it down. But since I was making 35 copies of these I had to run the template through 7 times. And Hello. I'm cheap and didn't want to reapply that much Dotto.  To me, Dotto is sticky gold - I don't mind the investment, but I'm going to be careful how I use it. ;)  And it's not like Washi tape is cheap, but I think it's unlikely I'm going to burn through that roll any time soon.  I think I've only used like 3 inches so far, so I figured using another inch and a half would be okay. Plus, I found out that it's just the right amount of tacky - I could tape down the banner pieces, run it through the printer, easily remove the die cuts and then stick the next set down.  Made the process super easy.

Here's what it looks like after those 5 are removed:

And I have to admit, seeing the Washi tape cut all tiny like that inspires me to want to use it.  I've mostly seen it in larger chunks, and I've tried that but somehow it feels forced on my pages.  I think these tiny snippets look like something I could pull off.  I'll let you know...

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