Saturday, March 31, 2012

I finally get to share!

So way back in mid-February, I told you I was picked for the Cord Camera & Scrapbook Studio Design Team.  I also told you that I thought that meant that I'd be posting more often.  Ha ha ha ha.  I'm so funny. :P  No, actually, I probably will be, but I have to wait for my schtuff to be posted on the Scrapbook Studio Blog before I could share it here.  And of course that makes sense.  But boy, I've been chomping at the bit to show you what I made.

I got assigned Jillibean Soup Game Day Chili - which is right up my alley - it's kraft cardstock based, with a sports theme.  It's versatile enough for just about any sport and the colors are slightly muted primaries.  Since Ted's uniforms are all a bright, bright shade of red that are impossible to match, I like that this line doesn't clash with it.

I must admit that I had a little anxiety about whether it was "ok" to pair the kraft color with white and then I had a weird moment of clarity that said "if YOU like it, that's all that matters."  So I used the white with the kraft. I win! :P

I love the star paper - that is so versatile.  In an industry that loves pink and flowers and swirls and glitter, boy-friendly papers are to be cherished.  Could I use this line for girls? Absolutely! But I will always be glad to see new and fresh and fun and funky, especially when it works for boys.

Here's the card I made.  Here's my confession on this one: I do not consider myself a card maker.  Corollary confession: I am TERRIBLE at sending cards.  I want to.  In general, at least. I think about it inopportune times, like when I'm the shower: "I should make a thank you card for so-n-so."  And then by the time I'm dried and dressed the thought is long gone. Part of why I'm not a  card maker is because I'm not a stamper.  (I'm not a stamper because (A) I'm not good at it and (B) I am NOT going any where near that slippery slope.  I'm already broke from buying all these scrapbook supplies!)  At any rate, I'm always a little self-conscious about the cards I create.  Because they aren't stamped I feel like maybe I'm cheating, or they're some how not "real."  Yeah, I know in my head that that's a load of BS, but whatever.   However, for a coach, I like it.  Manly, themed, grungy, and direct.  And man-o-man, I love the dumb splatters across the bottom.  I just want to dribble October Afternoon Inkers on everything!

Alright, I'm actually blogging from work.  (Shhhh!)  I have one other project to share, but I'll have to show you that another day. Stay tuned though, because it was my favorite thing from this line.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all. I bought some of the star paper. Now I want to punch them out with a circle punch and add them to every layout.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your DT samples!

  2. I love your projects! I agree that those papers are perfect for boys and yet so versatile.