Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Ugly Sketch 1-15 Project

I've known for a long time that I love to scrapbook, but I don't because of a few factors.  Time is always a factor, for me and just about everyone I know.  It lacks urgency, and by that I mean it takes a backseat to everything else that is of higher priority or less "hard".  So schoolwork always trumps scrapbooking because it's higher up the priority food chain, but Real Housewives tends to win because watching t.v. requires less effort.  I really wish I had a t.v. in my scrap area.  Sigh...  And the last really big factor is: I'm overwhelmed.  I have too much stuff and I don't know where to begin.  Too many choices just leads me to paralysis.  Even when I'm really itching to scrap, I tend to sit down at my table and fuss around for an hour or two and then walk away because - with so many decisions to make, I hadn't gotten anywhere.

I've also known for a long time that scrapbooking (or papercrafting in general) adds a balance to my life that I really need.  Somehow playing with paper and the hum of my Silhouette allows me to shift focus from my inside shit storm to nothing but calm and pretty and happy memories.  And so when I'm "too busy" to scrapbook I miss it, and I'm probably a bit bitchier without it, too.

This morning I was playing with my phone. I was writing myself a note about some last minute Christmas items that I needed to address.  I've had the phone for a while, but the note feature is something that I haven't used much - it just hasn't seemed as intuitive as what I was used to.  But Shazam! It's actually pretty cool.

I'm getting to a point. Really.

Recently I've been questioning why I bother with this blog.  If I don't write regularly, it seems sort of pointless.  But then I realize how much enjoyment I get from scrolling through the pages. I like having a portable reference.  It's like a mobile, public picture diary.  I don't want to give it up, but it's not a high priority item.  What it needs, it occurred to me, is a project. A reason to post.

Too many choices.
But wanting to scrap.
A note feature on the phone.
Needing a project.

Introducing (insert sad drum roll here): The Ugly Sketch 1-15 Project

See why I call it ugly? It's But that's ok. It also took about 30 seconds to do.  And if it were pretty it would have taken longer, and then I'd quit. And you don't need pretty for a sketch, right? It's just a launching off point.  

I have no photos in mind, no products or theme...But already I've made decisions.  It's 8.5x11.  It has two smaller photos.  It has some journaling.  But from there, I have wiggle room.  I like a little room for flexibility.

And the 1-15 part? I will post a layout on the first and fifteen of the month.  I'm not answering to anyone but me, but by saying this right now, I've made a commitment.  Now, granted, a commitment to myself is going to be the first one to be ditched if things get bad, but the hope is there.  And two layouts a month seems doable.  And because these aren't for others, it's not like they have to be masterpieces.  I'm excited to have a reason and a direction and not a whole lot of pressure.  I hope this will be fun.  Because dear sweet baby Jesus, I need a little fun right about now. 

Check back.  I'll have something for you on 1-1-13.

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