Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Spoils of "Another Happy Tuesday"

Hello folks! Today is NOT another happy Tuesday.  Heck, it's not even another happy Wednesday. It's more of a sip-your-coffee-and-keep-all-your-angry-thoughts-to-yourself kinda day.   But the good news is, I have a blog post to divert my attention! Yay for blog posts!

I started this layout over the weekend.  I've mentioned before how hard I find scrapping sports layouts.  I've also mentioned that I don't own and can't find a lot of blue that works with the royal blue in his uniform.   So I feel like I'm scrapbooking with one hand tied behind my back.

That said, I knew I wanted the word teamwork in the title, but I also had another die cut and I couldn't make it work.  I'm not in love with the finished page, but after several hours of shoving around titles and embellishments, this was a good compromise.

I'm also finding it difficult to find sports themed embellishments that aren't juvenile.  Even on my beloved Silhouette, the pickin's are slim.  So for this, it's stars (aren't all athletes stars? Even if only in their own minds...) and arrows (to show the forward momentum of the play) and a semi-generic GO! banner that I made.  (If you're interested in that file, let me know and I'll send it your way).  I worked in a little blue with the accents and figured green, brown and grey would work well enough, for the grass, mud and general overall grey quality of northeast Ohio during football season.

And the journaling tells why it was worth it for me to get the page done when I just wanted to abandon it and move onto something more scrap-friendly.  I love this picture.  On the way home from this game Ted and I were talking about the game and he asked it I saw that one play where Sushi was carrying him.  Uh. No.   I have no idea what you're talking about.  He went on excitedly, telling me about how in the one play when they were starting off at the 15 yard line he ran the ball and just as he was about to be tackled by South, Sushi was right there behind him and "he carried me for like 20 seconds!"  Later that today I was scrolling through my pictures and noticed this shot and sure enough, Ted's feet aren't on the ground, and sure enough it was Sushi (#71) and #70 who were hoisting him up by his jersey and carrying him - and the ball - down field.  Judging by the fact that my camera shoots 6 frames per second, he was only off the ground for about 2 seconds, but still: that's teamwork.

These are a few of my favorite things:
Flair: Minimal 1 flair at aflairforbuttons.
Wood veneer: Arrow Wood Chips from Freckled Fawn and they're colored with a dumb ole Sharpie and sanded a bit.
Enamel dots: Ombre Black Enamel Dew Drop Stickers, also from Freckled Fawn.
The washi at the top and bottom is also from Freckled Fawn.
The font on the main title is Blackout Midnight from Font Squirrel - and you know you want to check them out based on the name alone.

So that's that.  Things are probably going to be scarce here for a while.  It's Christmas in retailland, and theoretically we're coming up on final exam time for school, but I'm thinking that's not going to be a big deal this time around.  And no, you won't hear me complaining about that!

Thanks for stopping by!  Don't forget to say "Heyyy" in the comment section.  Not gonna lie: I love a comment or 2 here and there. ☺


  1. Two blog posts two days in a row! I am impressed. Do you have a mist that is close to the school blue? Isn't it amazing that with all the colors of card stock out there, we still find colors that we can't match!

    How are you adhering your flair? I have some that are convex/concave (too lazy to look up the right term) and am having trouble getting them to stick. I don't want them to stick out more than they do.

    Did not get a chance to comment on Ted's birthday layout. Love all the squigglies. You rock the cameo!

    How is Sr. Jean?

  2. Hey Kathleen! Our fill-in told us today that Sr. Jeanne is out of the hospital and back at the sister house, but is still weak. I don't know what that means and they're being sort of tight lipped about it, which makes me said. But I'm praying for her, and I know I have a ton of street cred with God, so I'm guessing she'll be fine. :P :P :P

    I *DO* have that mist that's the right color for this! And I totally forgot about it! I need to put that bottle ON my desk. I'm so out-of-sight-out-of-mind that it didn't even occur to me!

    The flair that I get from aflairforbuttons is flat backed, which is why I'm so RAH-RAH in love with it - I use that redline tape (when I got it, it was Magic Scraps, or something like that.). I did buy Kelly Purkey flair and I probably won't do that again, just because it's not flat backed. I used that on the birthday layout, but now I can't remember for the life of me how I stuck it down! I would imagine that I either used foam tape or used the same redline adhesive just under the ridge. LOL! I just realized that I have the layout with me, and it wasn't either of those - I used a 3D glue dot. :P Man, I really blocked out that detail! And given that I've used probably 3 of those glue dots it really would have stood out to me!

    Thanks KD!

  3. Heyyyyy! you're on my feedly but thought i'd stroll on over here to leave you a comment. I 100% agree with you. As a mother of 3 grown boys, it is hard to find elements that are not 1. child themed or 2. very girly. That's 1 reason I love your layouts. I can find some great inspo. And your blog updates are always fun to read. Thanks Jane S

    1. Jane! Heyyyyy back! You made my night! :D Thank you for your comment! Thanks for strolling over!