Sunday, May 11, 2014

I missed you. Did you miss me??

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student teaching
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so happy to be finished

It's been a great couple of days!  Filled with kids, Kerig, food, Cleveland and scrapbooking.  Since this is a scrapbooking blog, let's talk layouts!

First up:

Pharrell's song "Happy" has been everywhere this Spring.  And regardless of what mood I'm in when the song starts, if I sing (or clap or dance) along, I can't help but be happy by the end of it.  It's genius on in its ability to suggestive sell a mood.  The lyric that gets me is Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.  I have two thoughts about this: First, I think about 'raising the roof' - a celebration of such magnitude that the roof wasn't just raised, but raised off.  (welcome to the weird way in which my brain works) ;  And Second, I think about a glorious glass ceiling.  Not one that represents oppression, but rather all the glorious comforts of the indoors with all the incredible views of the sky.  You see, whether it's puffy white clouds on a mostly sunny day, or stormy grey clouds or snow or rain - the sky is indeed beautiful.  So I like that lyric.  It's evocative and clever and it makes me happy.  Like a room without a roof.

Okay, that sounds super hokey, but it was lyric that was begging to be used as a title.  So I used it.  The picture is of Kerig and I at a car wash.  We have a weird love of car washes.  They make us...happy.  And a sunny day in March after a long, cold, snowy and gray winter, that also makes a person happy.  

Here's a couple of close ups of the title and the stuff above the photos:

I journaled in my own handwriting.  What?!  I know, right? NUTS.  And I stamped.  And I heat embossed.  And that never happens.  I like all the pops of color, and the smattering of black to keep it grounded.  

Next up:

Have I mentioned that Friday was my last day of student teaching?  ;)  On my way to school I decided to take a quick selfie to commemorate my accomplishment.  I am not above taking selfies, but it's not something I do daily either.  At my age, I don't want or need daily reminders of what I look like.  That said, I really love this picture.  I am - genuinely - happy.  

When I got home and was doing my scan of the internet, I was pleasantly surprised that Kerri Bradford had a great Friday Freebie. There are a hundred ways to take the phrase "Let's just do today" and in this context (for me) it means: let's crush this; let's make today amazing; let's wrap this up with a red ribbon and walk away proud.  

Some details:

Once again, I'm happy with all the great color, the black title that both pops and grounds, and I simply adore that math paper.  I might need a couple more sheets. 

Because I also used it for the cards I made for my cooperating teachers:

Yep.  I like that paper.  That number border is less that a half inch tall.  I am always amazed at my Silhouette!  

Okay, that's it for now, but I realized that I have one more layout to share.  I did it a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night.  I figured if I didn't take a creativity break I'd explode.  But then I had to hide the evidence, so I forgot to photograph it today. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

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