Thursday, June 12, 2014

This happened.

(Twice, actually.)

So back in January I was on the Paperclipping Roundtable.  I thought it was a once in a lifetime experience, and I had snapped a selfie, but I never got around to scrapping it - I think it was a combination of time and pressure - being on PRT was like that rare trip to Disney...just way too WOW to tackle.

At the very end of May, I was asked to be on again! WOOT!  Again I snapped a selfie (far less flattering this time!) and vowed that I would get it documented sooner rather than later.  Today was the sooner:


  • I'm okay with the selfie from January - our apartment is chilly in the winter, and the scarf was there for function not looks, but let's face it: scarves hide a litany of flaws.  The shot in May?  I look sort of hot and gross.  I converted it to black and white which helped, but I decided that I would just as soon hide the second shot.
  • I've been toying with the idea of joining a kit club for a year now and I caved in May.  My first Studio Calico kit arrived this week and hot diggity!  So much fun!  I tried to stick with just items in the kit, but the green stars paper is from my stash.  The #selfie paper is actually the b-side of the same green star paper.  The stickers I used for "happened" are also old(er).  They're Kelly Purkey from Simon Says Stamp and I love them.  The glassine bag isn't part of the kit, but I did buy them as an add on.  I think they're handy and I use them with some regularity.  (These glassine envelopes are new, but I have other sizes in my stash already)
  • I used Studio Calico paper called "Up Hill" as the base.  I suppose at first glance that doesn't make sense.  But I think of the "scrapbook community" and that Paperclipping Roundtable is...idunno...a cross between the local pub and the weekly call in radio show.  Or something. ;)  But there's definitely that sense of community/neighborhood, which makes the paper make more sense.
  • I was surprised that there wasn't a bunch "this happened" choices in the Silhouette store.  I think there was only one, and I wasn't a fan.  However, I was pleased with the word "this" in the "this year" shape.  I figured I could easily do "happened" in either a block letter or in Thickers.  Fun fact: I own exactly ONE package of Thickers.  They look like the font used in Spongebob Squarepants, not exactly the look I was going for here.  But who only owns ONE SET of Thickers??  Well, me.  Because I'm cheap, and the Silhouette saves me oodles of money that way.  (Yes, let's just ignore that I used other letter stickers. :P)

So, like I said - I'm not a fan of the selfie taken in May. So I hid it.  I decided to tuck the journaling in the glassine envelope.  I loved using all the fun, happy colors that came in the Hello, hello kit.  The pictures span seasons, so I didn't feel obligated to gear the colors toward winter, even though that's the season of the picture that shows.  To me, the color scheme is "whatever makes me happy!"

And these are the two inserts.  So many pretty colors!

Okay, that's it for me today! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I am a little behind in listening to the PRT but really enjoyed listening to you today. I loved the fresh thoughts that you offered and I registered at 100HappyDays! I wanted to share an idea that I am pursuing in regard to my Instagram photos. We frequent the same places on a regular basis so I have been challenging myself to look for new details in those locations and snap a photo each visit. I then post with the #guesswhereweare. I plan to print them and place them in the new Sn@p product Insta-Pockets by Simple Stories. My intention is to print several of the small squares and fill a page protector then on the opposing side make a coordinating 6x8 page with the hashtag #guesswhereweare as a title and identify the location! I thought you might enjoy this idea for your 100HappyDays project!!

  2. I really like the paper you used. And congrats on being on PRT 2 times. It would be awesome just to be on there once, but twice - too cool!!

  3. We should start a gallery at the Paperclipping forums for all of our PRT selfies. I have them as well - along with a pic of my laptop with the Skype window set up.