Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Call me...maybe

subtitled: my dalliances with crack.

I slept way more than usual on Sunday.  Apparently, I stored up some extra energy that needed to be expelled. Today.

Ian had truck problems yesterday, and he asked me to take him to work this morning.  At 6:30. Whew.  I'm not a big fan of the 6:30.  When I got home I laid in bed and scrolled through Pinterest until my left hand fell asleep.  I got up, showered and went to Sam's Club.  $300 later, I came home, put everything away, started on the laundry and made some egg salad.  I had some lunch, made a little decoration for my cell phone case and then did my taxes.  When it came time to print my copies I decided the time had come to hook up my new wireless laser printer. [Can I just tell you? I don't know why I waited so long! We print a ton of stuff for school, most of it black and white, and yet I'm shelling out tons of money on color ink cartridges.  What a racket that is!  So long, Epson, I'll hit you up when I need color prints, till then pfffft!]  More laundry, more printer installation (the kid's computer), more food prep, more laundry, dinner, took Ted to his speed and agility workout, helped Molly with her homework, goofed off, picked Ted up, stopped at Dairy Queen for buy-one-get-one-for-99¢ Blizzards, came home and...PLAYED.

While I was poking around on Pinterest this morning I started searching for Silhouette boards to follow.  There were a bunch of tutorials for using the trace tool.  I know how to use it, I just haven't ever felt the urge to. But it got me thinking: what am I missing? What amazing things are there that I'm not tracing?? I decided to type "png" into the google machine and click on the images tab. Lots of stuff came up but nothing that really screamed "TRACE ME!"  Well, not until I got to the android dude.  He screamed "TRACE ME! LOVE ME!" because he is, indeed, perfectly traceable and perfectly lovable.  And you know what? He'd make a cool "call me" card.  So I made a little speech bubble and voilà:

I'll send it to Maggie.  Of course "kids these days" don't bother checking their mailboxes, so she'll get it sometime in May.  :P

I'm starting to feel it though.  I think it's time to veg out to a little Watch What Happens Live and then head to bed.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. For someone who once told me she "wasn't a card maker," you certainly kick some A$$ with your cards! This one is very fitting and dare I say... wait for it...



    1. Wow. I know I've done something right when I can get you to use the word "cute." Or "a$$"...either one is a real coup. ☺

  2. Caroline,
    I am shopping for a die-cut machine. I do Iris Folding and am more interested in the hole than the die cut. I want something that allows me to design some of my own shapes. You seem to have some knowledge of die-cut machines -- can you give me a lead on one that might suit me? Thanks

    1. Hi Emerson. I've never heard of iris folding (although, I did just look at the wiki page for it), so I don't understand how you'd use a die cutter to do it. And I've never owned any other electronic die cutting machine, so I can't put myself out there as an expert on all machines. But I do love the flexibility of the Silhouette - the software allows me to edit any shape - whether it's one I bought or one that I've created on my own (like the android guy or the 'call me' bubble above). There's tons of video tutorials out there that show the software in action. If you're on Pinterest, search "Silhouette" boards and there's some really great stuff that will come up.

      Good luck!