Friday, March 15, 2013

Ugly Sketch 1-15: Skyline Chili

Welcome to the 6th installment of what has become my own personal sanity project.  After a fairly relaxing start to the year - from an obligation/school standpoint at least - things have begun to ramp up a bit.  I'm taking an abstract algebra class as an independent study - not the easiest stuff to wrap my brain around, but so far I haven't been overwhelmed at the amount of work to do for it.  This past week I started my last education class (Methods of Teaching Pk-12) as an 8 week online class.  As is always the case, the condensed nature of online classes makes the pace hectic, at best.  But it's a cool class and I'm learning a lot that I'll be able to put to use, so I'm really happy to be doing the work.

This project has made more tuned into the first and fifteenth of the month - I can feel them approaching and I keep the sketch in mind on my commute and in the shower - those precious moments where I get to chose my thoughts.  So I had a vague notion that I was going to do a layout about Skyline chili, but I got sick and was in high gear for school.  Next thing I know it's the 14th and I'm wondering if I can make it happen.  

Obviously, I squeezed it in:

I had an Archiver's coupon and dragged Kerig into the store last Saturday.  I had a wee little shopping spree. Like, the Hambly transparency paper, the patterned 6x6 paper, all the Studio Calico wood veneers (omg, my biggest weakness these days), some of the washi tape and the brads.  Hey, at least I used the stuff.  I'm pretty good at buying stuff and deciding that it's so special that I have to save it for something really important.  I have not yet determined what constitues "important" in paper crafting.  

I was also a semi-bed girl and bought some dies at SimonSaysStamp.  These little, teeny, tiny little hearts said they really wanted to live with me.  And so did the sentiment strips.  And in the name of full disclosure, so did these little text bubbles (but I didn't use these here).  

Old and new here - that manila name/year thing is old - I have no idea where it came from.  But that metal "k"? Holy cow.  That's circa 2003 or 2004 from when Making Memories pushed embellishments into high gear. 

So there she is.  Yay me.  I'm not Monday morning quarterbacking this one. I like it. 

Here's the sketch that I'll be using for April 1st:

You know, if you ever feel like playing along, I'd love to have you and see what you do.  Leave a link in the comments.  It would make me super happy. :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Have an awesome St. Patrick's Day! 

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