Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reunited, and it feels so gooood ♫♪♫♫♪

There's a wretched little earworm to start your day. You're welcome.
Just kidding. That's awful. I'm sorry.

But seriously, I *finally* got to scrap yesterday and it was wonderful.  I have lots of weird free time, in that I've always done LOTS of homework at work between customers.  I am the queen of "using my time wisely", and now I don't have anything to do (between customers at work).  I suppose I could dust.  Or reorganize.  But instead, I brought in that scrapbook scrap project.  And I've been watching videos from 2Peasinabucket.  (My coworkers love that, I promise) The combined effect has left me ITCHING to scrap.  And finally all the stars aligned just right yesterday:

The picture is pretty crappy for sure.  But going to the Melt is sort of a rite of passage around here.  The kind of thing that deserves a scrapbook page.  And it is a fun, busy experience with stuff to look at everywhere.  Normally, I find that sort of decor in a restaurant schmaltzy and, at this point, tired.  But somehow when the Melt does it, it gets a pass - lots of Cleveland based artists have their work on the walls, plus old plexiglass from 80s era video games, and signs from old businesses is somehow more fun than the snowshoes tacked on the wall of every Max and Erma's, TGIFridays, etc.

But let's move away from the mini restaurant review that I am highly unqualified to give, and bring it back to the world of scrapbooking.  I said I've been watching videos.  I've also been spending my fair share of time on Pintrest.  This is very much inspired by:

And there's a could of "Adventures of Glitter Girl" videos that probably inspired me as well, but nothing especially specific.  Other than Shimelle saying (paraphrased):"I don't look for embellishments that are theme specific, because there aren't really embellishments made for this.  So I basically match the mood and color of the layout."  That was very liberating for me, since I very frequently get hung up on needing embellishments to be - if not not literally connected to the theme, at least making some sort sense.  Guess what?  That's probably not going to exist for a layout about eating at a grilled cheese place.  But I think ultimately it's fun and colorful - and the same can be said for our trip to the Melt: it was fun and colorful.  And f#ing delicious.

I should also mention that recent Paperclipping Roundtable episodes on organization, hoarding, and patterned paper all contributed to this.  This layout was created entirely from scraps, which were so much easier to flip through after my reorganization efforts, and several guests saying, basically: "paper is easier to admire on a page than in your stash." -- just makes you want to dive in and use the stuff that you have instead of saying it's too precious to use.  (so guilty of that sometimes)

And if I were a guest on Paperclipping Roundtable, I would totally pick FridgeBinz as my pick of the week!


  1. Minimal journaling on this one or is there a hidden pocket somewhere?

  2. I love it. I'm a sucker for repetitive patterns and also for mixing patterned papers. I haven't scrapped in awhile and I miss it!