Friday, May 3, 2013

I totally lied.

I said that to a clerk last week when she asked for my phone number and I accidentally gave her my work number.  She laughed, which is good, because I don't normally declare myself a liar.  In my calc class in the fall there was a really adorable 17 year old girl who would occasionally ask a "dumb" question (no, it wasn't actually dumb, but if you're a little disoriented its easy to ask a question and then have that duh! moment) - anyway, she'd ask the "dumb" question, have the "duh" moment and then immediately say "Ha ha! Just kidding!"  I need to learn to say that.

So anyway, last we were here, I said "Check back next week, and I'll have something!"  Without actually looking, I'm not certain, but I may have said "for sure!"  Oops.  I don't have anything.

It was a WEEK.  I'm SO glad it's over, but it was much more hectic and demanding than I thought.  I had visions of walking away from my school work for a couple of hours on Sunday or Tuesday, but that didn't/couldn't happen.

The good news is: I actually have the WHOLE summer off! SOOOO happy about that.  And even in the fall, I'm only taking one class, and it's NOT an independent/directed study, so it's not going to be nearly as challenging.  So the rest of 2013 should be...

Uh. I'm not going to finish that sentence.  That just seems like a recipe for disaster!

At any rate, I am trying to get back in the swing of things.  But it's Friday, so I'm at work then over at the manfriend's until Monday evening.  However, I have a project that I've been thinking about lately.

Have you seen these?

This is part of the Fridge Binz line at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The first time I saw these I immediately thought "screw the fridge, I want those for my scrap space."  So I kept my eyes peeled for a BBB coupon, and now I have two of these bins, which measure 7.75x13ish.  Up until now, my method for dealing with scraps from my 12x12 patterned paper and cardstock has been to throw them into a 13x15 archival box.  I do go to my scraps first A LOT, but it's sure a pain in the neck to find what I want.

So...enter the Fridge Binz.  I'm cutting my scraps down to 7.5x7.5 or 7.5xWhatever to fit in these.

Here's what my progress looks like today:

I thought I'd need two of these to fit all my scraps, but I can see now that I'll be fine with just using one for my patterned paper scraps -  heck, I may be able to squeeze in my cardstock scraps in there, too.  I'm holding on to the second one that I bought - that'll be perfect for all the 6x6 pads that I've accumulated through the years.  I think I'm going to scrounge for one more coupon and go back for the one that's 4 inches wide - that'll be perfect for the smallest of scraps.  I should just pitch them, but some of these scraps are like gold to me.  The "Mellow" line from Basic Grey? I still use that on my Octoberish pages.  Scenic Route? You can't make me throw that out!  I will hoard those scraps til the bitter end.

Plus, I feel assured that this is a good investment.  If for some reason I hate this method of storing my scraps, I think these will probably work in the fridge just fine. ;)

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