Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dear Scrapbook Supplies...

I miss you.

Obviously I didn't post a layout for the 15th of this month.  That's okay.  I love my ability to set priorities, and sometimes prioritizing some crafty time is important to my sanity, sometimes it is not.  

I've been observing in the classroom for the last three weeks (you know, in all that "free time" I have) and today and tomorrow I am teaching four classes.  It's all very exciting, and worth back burnering my Ugly Sketch Project for a couple of weeks.  But I just sat down at my desk - which is also my scrappy place - to prepare for tomorrow and wow! I *really* want to play.  I'm not going to. It'll have to wait until later...probably next week, in fact.  But I can't wait!

Life is good.  It feels so good to set a goal and then work to make it happen.

Stop by next week. Come hell or high water, I'll have something to post. YAY!

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