Friday, September 6, 2013

(My) All Star

Guess what.  I have what the cool kids have.  No. No kits. :(  But I did finally get the cute newsprint paper with the fun, colorful hearts.  Heck, I went all in and got two sheets.  It was 30% off and all, so, I could totally swing it. :P

So yeah.  Kerig had an errand to run on the west side, and Archiver's sent out their "Stock up and save" email - spend $40 and get 40% off the whole thing.  I just happened to have a $50 gift card I had hoarded a little too long and was about to expire. That is the perfect storm for a shopping spree!  

Hmmm.  That's pretty enormous.  Sorry.

At any rate, that's one of the things that I picked up.  They're Basic Grey Letterpress die cuts.  I thought they were just standard printed die cuts, so I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the package and found that they were rich and textured. Very lovely, indeed!

Hey, let's talk Silhouette for a minute.  Did you know they have a design team call out?? Yes. I could not resist that, so I threw my hat in the ring.  I fully expect to have my hat sit in the ring, sad and ignored, because there are a lot of very talented Silhouette users out there all of the sudden.  Yeah. I said that. I remember when the scrapworld was all "Cricut, Cricut, Cricut" (now, take a minute and reread that in your best Jan voice, a la "Marsha Marsha Marsha")  But now all of the sudden all the cool kids are using it.  Which sort of means I was cool before it was.  Only, no one knew it.  Pretty much the story of my life. :P

Wow.  That got derailed. But you get the drift.  Think good things for me.  And/or, go throw your hat in the ring, too.  Details are on their blog

While we're talking about the Silhouette, I want to point out the red baseball stitching on the right side.  That just makes my heart go pitter-patter.  Love that detail!  And I cut it out a couple of days ago and I just couldn't make it work - every where I put it down just looked silly.  I'm glad I figured that out. 

I also really dig the red photo corners.  But mostly because I've had a pack of off-white photo corners since about 2003 (I'm not kidding - I think yhey came in a pack of goodies from my Hall of Fame days, and those are loooooong gone.)  If you'll note, they are no longer off-white.  They are, in fact, quite a vibrant shade of red.  Crazy what you can accomplish with a Sharpie marker!  I'm pleased to have something new in my bag of tricks.

And lastly:

I made that "all star" banner all by myself. Whoopee, right?

And yet, I'm thinking about opening an Etsy shop that sells word-based Silhouette cuts.  Because they're cute, easy to use, and should be relatively inexpensive.  And not everyone owns a Silhouette (or even wants one, which I find utterly inconceivable, but to each her own, I guess).  I notice that those kit clubs (you know the ones that all the cool kids have) have these kinds of things.  But what if I don't want to spend $30 and get something I may not want to use?  Why not pay a couple of bucks and get something that really works for me?  So yeah - If you have any insights or experiences regarding Etsy, please let me know.  I'd love to hear your experiences as a seller.  Or whether you'd be interested in purchasing something like this.  

Oh wait...One more "last thing."

Last week I was looking at my blog stats trying to figure out why suddenly there's a noticeable uptick in visitors. (Thank you.  Please tell your friends!)  Turns out that my post on the FridgeBinz isn't exactly going viral on Pinterest, but it's being seen and clicked on.  I was poking around to see who had pinned it and came across this:

When I originally pinned it I added the caption "scrapbook paper organization using FridgeBinz" The bit about the "very funny blog with smiley faces :)" was added somewhere along the way.

And it pleases me greatly! ☺

Sometimes when people pay you a compliment, you get that feeling that they're just being nice.  But when you overhear the same thing being said about you, then you know they mean it. So seeing this really made my night!  I did a quick screen shot and I saved it to my desktop so I'll notice it every once in a while.  Someone out there thinks I'm funny enough to comment on it behind my back.

Usually it's me, telling people who are fed up with me "I'm SO FUNNY!  Don't you think I'm funny??"  :P  

That always goes over so well.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend!

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