Monday, August 4, 2014

It's a party up in here!

Okay, not really, but I've got tons to share today!

First, we've begun our journey to rid the world of scrapbook police! First stop: Paige Evans!  Go here. Now. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just go.

That was a risky move on my part.  Because that layout is GORGEOUS and there's a huge chance that you'll get sucked into her black hole of creativity, never to return.  Seriously, the page she shares is amazing and inspiring.  And so is the message.

As I write, there is a SECOND (holy cow!) process video uploading to YouTube!  Yay!  Did you subscribe to my channel?  22 of you have, and that's about 21 more than I expected!  Anyway, if you haven't, you should!  ;)

Here's a look at the layout that's going up:

The video is about 13 minutes long.  Grab a beer or coffee (time of day dependent...I suppose. :P)  and give it a watch.

And lastly, I have a (VERY) humble plea.  My oldest daughter is heading back to school in a couple of weeks and is in dire need of new computer.  She is working her tail off this summer to earn the money to cover her living expenses - her food, gas, utilities for the year.  She works two jobs on campus.  She brought home straight A's this year.  In short, she's pretty amazing.  Her mother, on the other hand, is a bit of a deadbeat.  No! I'm just kidding!  I've been going to school for the last four years to get certified to teach high school math.  In January I quit my full time job to do my student teaching.  When my student teaching ended, I got two part time jobs and things were tight, but we were scrapping by.  Then I fell and broke my arm and I've been out of work for going on 4 weeks.  Most of my savings went toward covering my living expenses while I did my student teaching.  The rest is dwindling fast while I have no income.  Meanwhile, we're ramping up to back to school and I know she needs that computer.  Torn about how to help her, I decided to see if I could raise some money by starting a GoFundMe campaign.  This is not how I'd prefer to do things, but I'll happily swallow my pride if it means I can help my daughter.  I've been divorced for 8 years now, and I still find myself scrambling.  My biggest wish for her is that she never finds herself in this position. Her education (and this computer) will ensure that she never does.

Please consider making a donation....even a little one.  $5 or $ all adds up.

You have have my gratitude for even thinking about it.  And if you decide that you'd like to help, or if you'd like to read more about why this computer is important to her, more information can be found here: Maggie's GoFundMe.

And just because you need to know who you'd be helping:

Maggie is the big eye'd kid in the middle.  Eating cotton candy.  (circa 2011)

THANK YOU for stopping by!  I hope you checked out the video and enjoyed it!

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