Friday, August 8, 2014

Seeing Red

I went back to the doctor this week and my lift restrictions were modified.  I still have to be very careful, I can't life for hours on end, and I can't lift anything very heavy, but I can lift.  I took my doctor's note into work, a little scared that I'd be turned away until I got the all clear.  Turns out my boss was very happy to see me and was super accommodating.  He got me all set up and I actually had my first day back the next day.

I was so happy and relieved.  After I talked to my boss I had to talk to the HR lady.  On the walk from A to B I actually started to tear up.  It's been a financially scary summer, and we're not out of the woods, but it feels better to be here rather than there.  Ya know??

So happy and relieved, in fact, that when I got home I set to working on a layout.  I only got the pictures printed and a title cut, but the ball was rolling.  The title - Seeing Red - usually refers to being angry.  This time, I mean it literally.  If you work at Target, you see red.  All. Day. Long.  :)

I like the way it turned out.  It's not frilly, but then again, neither is unloading trucks at Target.

Edited to add: If you like process videos, the video for this layout is up on YouTube.  

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Are you following along with the "Set Scrapbooking Free" series?  If not, you really should.  Today's stop is at Ashley Calder's place.  She's debunking the myth that there's a certain right way to scrapbook.  That can't be true, can it??  Go check out what Ashley has to say to be sure. ;)

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Do you listen to NPR?  I do!  I love RadioLab, Market Place, This American Life, Queue with ...oh heck, I'm not even going to try to spell that guys name!, as well as some of our local shows that keep in me in touch with all of Cleveland's and Ohio's concerns. 

Twice a year they ask me for money.  I like the content of the station, so when I can give, I do.  I've given as little as $10.  It's what I had, and it helped get them to their goal. 

I will not come to you twice a year like clockwork.
I cannot offer you a handcrank radio, or a mug, or a tote.
There is no 800 number for you to call.
There are no operators standing by.

But I am asking.  Please consider visiting the GoFundMe page and donating a little something to help a smart, driven, hard working girl get the one back to school item that's way out of mom's league. 

If you like the content here...
If you've got a soft spot for education...
If you there's a little bit of Girl Power in you...
If your own kids have past the back-to-school phase...

Please consider.

Okay then!  Happy Friday thank you so much for stopping by! 


p.s.  That blog series??  I may be up stop by again soon. ;)

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  1. Love the journaling, photos, and entire layout. Really a GREAT design. Glad you are able to do a bit more now too. Blessings,