Monday, July 15, 2013


It was hot yesterday and I'm broke.  And except for a brief stint where Ian came over for some math help, I was alone for the day.  So I did what any scrapper would do: I broke down and put on the A/C, listened to the latest episode of Paperclipping Roundtable and played with pictures and paper and my Cameo:

I think I'm in love with this whole sewing thing.  Which is ironic, since I spent a good deal of time fishing wadded up bits of thread out of the bobbin casing. I still don't know how to sew worth a damn, but I can sure take apart and reassemble that housing with ease. :P

And even though its a craptastic mess, I like it.  It's general, I don't care for country-ish stuff.  And the sewn edges reminds me of that primitive/country feel, and yet some how I'm giving it a pass.

That may be the smallest title ever. I didn't realize that I'd sized it so tiny, but it cut cleanly and I decided that I liked the way it looked right on the photo.    The tree is two triangles, the bottom one has inked edges and the top one got run through the cuttlebug with a texture plate.  I dig it.  And the tiny little bird - so cute.

Look how cute Molly is in her braids. She's since chopped off about a foot of her hair and gotten "bangs."  In quotes because they're not traditional bangs, but the new fangled long, side swept bangs.  Which look great if your beauty strategy has more steps than wash, condition, comb, go to bed with wet hair. *sigh*

That's all I've got today.  I'm waiting for another batch of pictures to come in from the printer - any minute now!  And I'm waiting for my Mr. to come home.  He's been gone for two (long, rough) weeks now.  I can't wait for him to walk through the door tomorrow.


  1. When the Mr. is away, is there anything better than turning on the air, downloading the latest Paperclipping Roundtable and warming up the cameo? I think not!

    I happen to adore the smallest title ever. It's a nice break from the large titles that so many adorn their pages with.

    The sewing machine! I have the EXACT same issues. I thought people were nuts to stitch on their pages and then, took a class where the assignment included using stitching. I was surprised at how easy it was so stitch the pages and I actually liked the look. That damn bobbin wadding was just a pain.

    What is the deal with the girls and their bangs? Caroline does the same thing. Her hair looks so cute when it is done correctly but she looks like a neglected kid when she wears the "gone to bed with wet hair look".

    Presuming the Mr. has made it home safely by now. Enjoy the "welcome home" celebration. Glad you get some weeks together before school starts.

  2. P.S. Bought the FridgeBinz. Woohoo! Now I need to organize it.

    1. Sadly, the Mr. is still somewhere in Iowa. He'll be home tonight, but I don't know when. :)/:(

      It took a fairly long time to cut my scraps down to size. But I'm hoping that if you take the time to do it you get the same pleasure out of the end result that I have. It's made using the scraps soooo much easier.

      Another interesting benefit to the system is that I've changed the way I clean up. Before, I'd sort of just set aside the big scraps, because I didn't want them to get bent or lost in the shuffle. Now, I cut everything down before I walk away from my area and I know that it'll be safe, accessible and get used again. It's weird how this one thing has made such an impact for me.

      BTW, I think Caroline's hair *always* looks cute!