Friday, July 5, 2013

hello 12

The move into the new place is nearly complete.  But I think that moving must be a lot like losing weight - that first bit comes easy, but those last 10 pounds/5 boxes take for-ev-er.  It's driving me a little nuts, because I just want a place for everything and everything its place.  Even if that place is the complex dumpster. :P

And even though it's not finished, I needed to take a break and play last night.  Or, as I said on Instagram, I needed to take my new scrap desk for a test drive.

The space needs some serious tweaking.  I used to have two 6 foot tables in an L shape, so I've lost a lot of surface area.  The table is a good size, but the computer takes up too much room (and I need the PC for the Cameo...and, apparently, YouTube videos).  I like the depth of the table, and having the drawers right there helps keep commonly used things at my finger tips.  BUT, the bin of adhesives is heavy, and it sort of crushes the drawers and makes it hard to open them.  I've found a solution:

This is one of the Bisley 5 drawer cabinets in an assortment of kicky colors. I love the idea of this.  They also have drawer organizers, so it would be perfect for all the little itty bitty things that we scrappers love. They're steel and 11x15x13, which would be perfect for my spot.  Two would be even better for my spot, but at $99 a pop, that's not happening anytime soon.  But this is definitely on my Christmas wish-list.  

So yeah.  Anyway...  I did actually do a page last night.  I feel like I lost a little of the momentum that I had built up before the move, but it's a good getting started point:

These pictures are a year old. eek.  I suck at scrapbooking birthdays.  Heck, truth be told, I don't like doing special occasion stuff.  I'm not certain what the hang up is, but I know I'm not alone in this.  However, the birthday-ees tend to feel a little slighted when pictures from their big day sit in an envelope for more than a year. :P  I figured since Molly is turning 13 next week I'd better get my ass in gear. 

I have been hoarding that green Scenic Route paper for a very long time.  I don't know what it is, but I love that green on green wonky dot goodness.  I totally screwed up the top part of this layout.  Originally it was just white cardstock at the top.  I splattered some Mr. Huey's ... and one would think that it's splattering - it's supposed to look messy.  Only, it just looked dumb.  I tried to cover it up and just made it worse.  I ended up screwing up the top so badly that I broke out the scissors and hacked off the top of the page and fitted some Hambly transparency to make up the top portion.  And honestly, I really like the top piece now! Hooray for mistakes! 

Some notes about supplies: the "hello" is from the Silhouette store.  Love it. The "12" is the font SNF Miss Molly (how fitting!) that was purchased from the Silhouette store as well.  And the little letter stickers that spell MOLLY are from Kelly Purkey at Simon Says Stamp.  I love the size.  And I also love that when you pull off the "O" the inside stays on the sticker sheet so you don't have to find something to poke it out with.  I also love the colors they come in.  The downside is I had to pull off 3 Y's because the first 2 didn't have any sticky on them - like somehow I only lifted off the cardstock part and managed to leave the sticky behind.  Not cool.  I hope that was just a one time happening - I'd hate to think they're all defective. :(

So that's it for today.  I still haven't decided on the whole Christmas ornament thing.  Which probably means I'm a week behind already. Oops. Oh well.  

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  1. I certainly know easy it is to lose those first pounds. Hanging on to lose those last 5 ... 10 ... 15 ... well, that's another story! ;0)