Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just wild about Harry

Way back in the way back day, Kerig was my boss. One evening a guy came in and had an issue with a repair.  It was just Kerig and I working and the man's issue was something that needed the store manager.  Kerig was busy selling a camera, which is something that takes some time.  I did tell Kerig that the man was waiting to speak to him, but the man would have to be patient until Kerig was free.

The man, however, was a douchebag.  And after waiting about a minute and a half he demanded to know Kerig's name.  He picked up one of our pens and one of our brochures and when I said his name was Kerig, he did what most people do and said "What?!"  (his "what" was decidedly more angry than most people's "whats").  I said it again and watched with amusement as he wrote down "HARRY."  Fine.  Go ahead and call our corporate offices and let them know that "Harry" didn't drop everything and tend to your every whim and desire.  Good luck with that.

For the record, had the man asked me to spell it for him, I would have.  But he didn't.  And correcting him would have been rude. :P

He's wearing my glasses, because he was making fun of me, and the impersonation needed to be accurate.  Of course, once he put them on, he couldn't see a damn thing, so I took his picture to show him how he looked.  (Frankly, I like it!  His glasses are a million years old...I think it's time he gets a new pair.  Like that!)  The picture was taken in the bathroom, which is a lovely mix of pale teal blues.  Even though I converted the picture to black and white in Instagram, it still screams 'calm blue color scheme!' to me.  I threw in the orange for the tension - the story is a little bit angsty, and even though it resolves itself in a good way (that the name stuck and he became something much more valuable than my boss), there is some tension there.  Plus, I really like orange and light blue, and I can put them together if I want to. :P :P :P

By the way: it was really flipping hard to sew the vellum to the speech bubble.  I contemplated cutting another out and trying it again, but I think the results would have been the exact same.  Lazy, lazy, lazy.

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  1. I second the notion that the Mr. Should get glasses just like that! My eye appointment was finally booked today thanks to your blog reminder. Bet you never realized the influence your blog had.

    No need to worry about the stitching on the word bubble. It adds character. You are a whole lot less lazier than me. I only stitch with white thread!

    .... and so what is the origin of Harry's name?