Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sometimes I...

I've mentioned that I listen to Paperclipping Roundtable.  Pretty religiously, in fact.  I think I've missed about 2 episodes of the 180 they've done, and I'm pretty sure they were just topics that didn't apply. One of the things that always cracks me up is when people say "I do [whatever] all the time..." (or "a lot")  I guess maybe I don't scrapbook all that much, so there are only a few things "I do a lot."  I start with a sheet of white cardstock a lot.  I use my Cameo a lot. And then we get into the list of "Sometimes I..."  Sometimes I use 2 or 3 photos.  Sometimes I use letter stickers.  Sometimes I use flair.

And here lately, sometimes I color photo corners. 

Oy.  Some of those examples are mighty soft when cropped down so small.  My apologies.  When I took the original photos I wasn't thinking that I'd be coming back and cropping out such a tiny section of the layout.

It occurred to me recently that I've really embraced using photo corners, especially after coloring them with Sharpie markers.  It's probably not a good idea to admit that I'm using non-acid-free pens in my albums, but as long as we keep this a secret between you and I, I think I'll be fine. One day I'll be rich and I'll "invest" in the entire rainbow of colors of Stampin' Ups brush pens, but until then, I'm gonna live dangerously.  

I've had this package of photo corners since about 2003.  I don't even think I bought them - they came in some box of things that Simple Scrapbook sent me back in the day to use.  I don't even think I opened them until this year.  I just didn't even get why I would bother with them.  Ha. Well, I guess I've ironed that out now, haven't I?

Here's links to the layouts that were shown in the snippets above:

The black photo corners are for a layout that'll be on the Silhouette blog November 6th (next Wednesday)

Did you catch what I did there? ;)

Have a great day!  Thanks again for stopping by!

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