Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Christmas in July

About this time last year I floated the idea of making one Christmas tree ornament every week for the rest of the year.  The idea quickly sank.  I barely tolerate Christmas at Christmas time, the idea of voluntarily taking on that kind of project was ridiculous on my part.  Laughable, in fact. Ha ha ha ha. I'm still laughing.

And yet, here I am, in July, sharing a Christmas tree ornament:

I'm mentioned my love of the Paperclipping Roundtable.  When 2Peas announced they were closing they scrambled and created a message forum to fill in the void that was created. While I was never really an active participant at 2Peas, I am really enjoying this new community that's forming at Paperclipping.

One of the things that's come up is challenges.  And I do love me a challenge!  I think it's so fun to work within some restriction, have a deadline, think outside of your box.  Love it.  And this one was to do some Christmas in July - finish a December Daily album (psssh. I never started one of those, so that was out!), work on some cards (oops.  this is an area that I'm terrible about.  Every year I vow that I'll send cards...and then they never get done), and the last option was do anything Christmasy - a project, ornament, a layout, etc.  Okay, now we're talking!

I'd like to say that I whipped the Santa ornament out in a matter of minutes, but it took almost two hours.  Just riffling through my scraps to find appropriate papers took an hour. :P  But once they were picked it was fun and straightforward.

And in the interest of full disclosure, Santa was not my first attempt at this challenge.  Last night I spent far too much time working on this:

The whole thing is just dreadful, but the lump that the brad creates to the left of the nose is just terrible.  It looks like maybe he has an infection of some sort.  Poor, sad, short armed reindeer. :P

And with that, Officer Taylor is home.  Time to think about food! Later! Thank you for stopping by!

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