Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: Layout style

The other day I was looking for a layout.  As it turns out, I don't have of the casualties of divorce. :P  ANYway, I flipped through 5 or 6 albums in my search.  And I'm struck by how many layouts I still like.  So until I get bored (which is likely to happen sooner rather than later) I've decided to share a new, OLD layout on Thursdays.

First up:

How lucky am I that on Ted's first day of school he did a beeline for a computer in front of a big window?  I swear that I didn't steer him there.

I made this layout in 2004.  TWO THOUSAND FOUR, y'all!  TEN YEARS AGO! And look at Ted!  The pictures are actually from 2003, when Ted was only 5.  He's getting his driver's license in a couple of months. *sob*  I love my big kids, but I'd give my right leg to relive a day with each of my kids when they were 4 or 5.

Things I like about this layout: I didn't do anything special with the cork, per se, but I like that's just a casual element of the page.  I have never been a big stamper (honestly, I'm not very good at it, and I'm scared of the expense), but I like the white stamped circles.

And I really like my use of the old index print.  Remember those?  Back in the film days you'd get the index print with the tiny, unhelpful thumbnail prints.  I don't know about everywhere, but where I got my stuff done you actually had to pay a dollar extra for it, so I'm glad that I was able to (just this once) put that bck to good use.  And just look at Molly!  That sweet blonde bob, and her perfectly round cheeks! *swoon*

Ok! So that's it for my first installment of TBT:LS! I Hope to have a current day layout to share soon, but I don't can't say when.  Cuz I'm unpredictable like that. :P

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