Friday, July 18, 2014

Have a nice trip, see you next fall!

Do you remember the semi-cruel things that we used to say to each other as kids?  I worked with a girl who used to say "Smooth move, Ex-Lax" every time anyone did anything klutzy.  She was lovely.

So it's been a quite a month in these parts.  I went from being overwhelmed with two jobs, to one no job.  Well, not really on that last part, but...  I broke my elbow last Thursday and I can't lift until I get clearance - so at least until my next x-ray on August 5th.  The weird upside is: when I went to the orthopedic doctor on Monday he told me I didn't have to wear anything (cast/splint) on my arm.  Well, at night, I have to wrap it up...which I love - I feel like I'm putting on my security blanket.  Because Lord knows, with nothing on it during the day I manage to "oopsie" 30 times a day.  (Turns out, I don't need it in a cast, and I know not to lift, but if I rotate it ever so slightly beyond where it wants to go and I see stars.  Twirling, sparkly, stunningly painful stars.)

One of the upsides of dating a guy who's handy with a camera is that if he takes you to the ER, he's probably going to snap a few pictures while you're there.

One of the upsides of being a scrapbooker is that I'll probably make a layout of said photos:

So I broke my elbow on a walk on my day off.  I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and went flying.  I landed on my hands, but the impact caused my ulna to break up by my elbow. The story is sort of funny (I think) and includes elements like flying cell phones, school buses and a broken ego...on top of skinned knees and other boo-boos.  On the walk home after it happened I kept thinking "Have a nice trip, see you next fall." and "Exercise kills" well as a couple of other choice phrases.  :P

It looks like there's no journaling whatsoever, but in fact the back side of the layout is nothing but the story.  Normally you'd put two layouts in a page protector, back to back.  I decided that this was a story that was too big for a small space and not something I wanted to hide, per se.  So I'm happy with just sliding this in the protector and letting the story show on the other side.

The day this happened, we came home from the hospital to find a package waiting.  I was expecting a small canvas bag from Lands End so I didn't think much of it.  When I finally got around to opening it I was surprised to find that it was an order from 2Peas.  When they announced they were closing I decided to pull the trigger on my basket - which had a handful of fun/happy/bright papers - most of which were Bella Blvd.  I wasn't expecting the package for a week or so.  So I was excited (so many pretty colors!) and gobsmacked at the timing.  It was surely some karmic joke at my expense: Here, have some time off of work, new supplies...AND ONLY YOUR LEFT HAND...HA HA HA HA.

So when the splint came off I was totally ready to PLAY.

Okay, that's it for now.  Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Ouch! I hope yo have a smooth recovery.

    I LOVE your layout. I like all the layers with the labels tucked in and how you included the bracelet from the hospital!

  2. Sorry about your boo boos but makes a great layout! Putting the story on the back is a great idea!!
    My DH had a heart attack in March and after we found out he was going to be ok, I took a couple of pictures of him sleeping in his hospital bed to do a layout. Actually doing the layout was fun and gave me a chance to thank my lucky stars that he will be around for many more years.

  3. Ouch! Hope you're feeling better. At least you got a really great layout out of the deal! lol. Seriously, I do love the layout. The angle is very cool. :)

  4. Great choice in colors for your page. Feel better ;)

  5. Ok first of all - hope you're feeling ok now. Second, this layout is awesome! Great sense of humor about the situation... and I love how you incorporated the hospital bracelet.

  6. Oh dear!!! So sorry this happened. My best friend's daughter broke her elbow Friday and had to have surgery. Such a painful break for sure. Your page is amazing. Really love all of the layering and elements, and I especially LOVE the title work on the tag! Awesome page!