Sunday, July 24, 2011

200 things: part 2

179. Texting.
178. Fans on a hot day.  (but not hot days.)
177. 76º and 20% humidity.
176. 92.3fm.
175. That first day that you realize that the trees are really all the way covered in leaves.
174. Reading a book at the pool, especially if you're lucky enough to score a lawn chair.
173. Ice.  (how did this not make it in the top 20?)
172. Reading blogs.
171. Facebook.
170. A really good photo, especially of someone I love that really captures what I see in them.
169. Colorful Melamine plates.  (I hope they never link Melamine to cancer, because I'll be a goner.)
168. BIC Roundstick pens
167. Tulips.  Pink and purple, especially.  (and odd that I would specifically list general that's my least favorite color, but in tulips, it's so beautiful.)
166. Laughing.
165. Thunderstorms.  (even though they scare me a little, too)
164. Watching Ted play baseball.
163. Bejeweled.
162. Cotton t-shirts.
161. Short hair.

(I realized after the fact that yesterday I did 21 things.  Boy, you can't stop me when I'm on a roll! :P  So today I'm "only" doing 19 to get myself back on track.  Yes. I'm a dork.)

See you tomorrow!

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