Wednesday, July 27, 2011

200 things: part 5

120. Sharpie markers. (The fine point ones, that are actually kind my handwriting with these.)
119. The smell of Pec 12. (It smells like artificial banana, only better.)
117. Friendship bracelets.
116. The Maryland flag.
115. Sex.  (Oh, hell, no one's actually reading this anyway)
114. Modern furniture.
113. Speaking of which, Crate and Barrel.
112. Legacy Village.
110. Lewis Black.
109. My sofa!!
108. Autumn leaves.
107. Woodwick candles.
106. Whip it!
105. Bagels and cream cheese.
104. Tide detergent.
103. The color orange.
102. Going to the pool.
101. Craig Ferguson.

It's funny how much easier these lists are after a happy day. :)


  1. i'm reading... and i can't believe you waited this long to put it on your list...

  2. Busted! You made me laugh out loud! Thanks!