Thursday, July 28, 2011

200 things: part 6

I'm impressed with my sticktoitiveness on this.  But actually find myself mentally bookmarking things to put on the list throughout the day.

100. That I'm signed up for a my first math class in 21 years. So exciting!
99. That I've already come up with a hundred things that I love or make me smile. Yay me!
98. Movies that are made for kids, but have humor that goes over the kids' heads and right to mom and dad.  Awesome.
97. Echo Park.
96. Little letter stickers. (Even though I did say that I didn't like them.  I lied. Or changed my mind.  Or something.)
95. Thinking about my new camera. (That still hasn't arrived.  I'm so frustrated, but so very excited!)
94. Tim Gunn.
93. Easy A.
92. Footie socks. (How odd, and yet opening my sock drawer and seeing them all lined up waiting to make my feet cozy: aaaaah.)
91. Golden hour.
90. Right after a storm, when it's cooled down and the humidity lifts and the sun comes out.
89. Messenger bags.
88. Breakfast Hot Pockets. (And every time I think about them I sing Hooot Poooockets, a la Jim Gaffigan)
87. Christmas lights.
86. The white party/string lights in the screened-in porch.
85. Watching the snow fall. (But only if I don't have to drive in it.)
84. Funky silver jewelry. (This is headed my way.)
83. The library.
82. Snickerdoodles. (Even the name of them is fun.)
81. Watching the dog watch me as I spread peanut butter on her rawhide bone. (It's all just anticipation, but I like to think of it as love.)

Another easy-breezy installment of 200 things that make me happy.  Tune in next time.

p.s. Did you know that the correct spelling of "pouring" in the context of "pouring over pictures" is actually "poring"?  True story.  Too bad I didn't know that little factoid the week I signed up for Shimelle's blogging for scrapbookers class a year and a half ago...

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