Tuesday, July 26, 2011

200 things: part 4

140. Finding someone else who's read the same good book as you and actually wants to discuss it.  (Maybe I should join a book club?)
139. Crossing that nagging thing off the to-do list.
138. Getting that important email or phone call you were waiting for.
137. Getting that totally unimportant email that makes your day.
136. Freshly cut grass.
135. A new Scrapbooks, Etc in the mail.
134. Dinner with the whole family.
133. The sound of waves crashing. (especially at an honest-to-goodness beach.  The lake pales in comparison)
132. Air conditioning.
131. Baby Ruth bars.
130. Zooey Deschanel. (Is that creepy??)
129. Grey's Anatomy.
128. Solving math problems.
127. Watermelon.
126. Sleeping with the windows open.
125. zappos.com.
124. Wristlet purses.
123. Winning the gas game.
122. Funky silver jewelry.
121. Graph paper.  (How nerdy is that?  And yet, every time I see it I get a little googly-eyed.)

I've really had a rough couple of days.  Nothing major, stupid stuff that's just added up and worn me down.  It's been kinda cool to make this is part of my day.  It's neat to focus on what brings a smile to my face.

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