Saturday, July 23, 2011

200 things

I don't have anything to complain about.  Like so many, my needs are met and I'm fortunate beyond measure.  But sometimes it's easy to lose sight of that fortune and mire, instead, in the less-than-perfect aspect of life.

Enter: 200 things.  Things I'm grateful for.  Things I love.  Things that make me smile.  Things I couldn't live without.  Things that aren't even things.  (well, some, anyway)  I don't know that I can come up with 200 today.  How about twenty as a good start?

200. The internet.  (I love that there is so much interesting stuff out there and so many fun ways to waste time.)
199. Being a mother.  (Are my priorities askew? Possibly.  But the internet doesn't walk around outside in white socks or throw up.  nuff said)
198. My manfriend.  (Now I'm just running through the obligatory stuff. :P  No, seriously, he's a wonderful friend, funny and supportive and I'd argue that he's handsome, too)
197. Sausage.  (OMG.  Grateful for doesn't even begin to cover my appreciation for sausage)
196. Clean cotton sheets.
195. Sleeping past 8:30 on clean cotton sheets.
194. Documentaries.
193. A really meaty discussion.
192. Project Runway.
191. Secure Digital cards.  (No, I'm not making this up.)
190. Rolling Rock.  And now, Select 55.
189. Dinner out.
188. Closing time.
187. Shorts.
186. AvantGarde font.
185. Routine.
184. Watermelon.
183. My Silhouette (how did I not mention this sooner??)
182. Cuticurra soap. (It is, in fact, top 20 good)
181. Keen sneakers
180. Days off!

That's a good start.

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