Monday, July 25, 2011

200 things: part 3

160. Seeing bird's nests built into storefront signs.
159. Cozying up to another body whose skin is either warm or cool, depending upon what you need.
158. Red Bull.
157. The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  (they make me so grateful for my drama-free life)
156. This blog.  (Lest it sound conceited, it is it's own little walk down memory lane for me)
155. Being able to wear (long) shorts to work.  (I ♥ my casual work environment!)
154. My road to teaching.
153. School supplies.
152. My EVO phone.  (Nerdy, I know, but it keeps me entertained.)
151. The end of laundry day, when it's all folded and put away and drawers are bursting with fresh footies and t-shirts.
150. Puns and word play.
149. Angry Birds Rio.
148. Being able to check my account balance online. (Although, I'm not gonna lie, I'm usually grimacing and praying as it loads.)
147. Maggie's artwork.
146. My space heater.  (Man! That's hard to admit with the weather we've been having this last week!)
145. Scrapbooking.
144. Target.
143. Time alone.
142. Realizing that the headache is gone.
141. Finally figuring out where my numbering on this went askew!

I really needed this today.  It's funny how this just helped me pull out of a funk.  Yay for thinking about happy things. ☻

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