Saturday, July 30, 2011

200 things: part 8

Went out to dinner tonight with my manfriend, to one of our favorite local burger joints (so refreshing to have a favorite spot that isn't a chain) and we're talking about our days.  He's telling me a story and suddenly it occurs to me that his face looks funny.  Funny, but a familiar funny.  About three years ago he had a bout of bells palsy that left the left side of his face paralyzed for about 4 months.  It didn't hurt, per se, but the paralysis means that the affected eye doesn't close properly, which makes it hard to sleep and causes the eye to become very dry and uncomfortable.  He actually had to tape his eye shut  for a couple of weeks when it was at its worst.  There's also issues that crop up with eating, since it's hard to control the lips.  At any rate, sitting there trying to enjoy my burger, the implications washed over me.  It's already been a really rough year for him health wise, and this is so minor, and yet still such a pain in the ass.  The recurrence isn't a huge surprise - everyone I know that has dealt with bells palsy once has had to deal with twice.  But still.  Back off.  Find someone else, okay?

So here we are.  Day 8 of the 200 Things project, finding myself really needing this opportunity to focus on the happiness.

60. Brown Bag Burgers.
59. diet Pepsi, over crushed ice.
58. Today. (Not including the whole BP realization.)
57. Really good coupons.
56. Punches.  (I know I love my Silhouette, but damned if I'm not semi-addicted to buying craft punches.)
55. The Cuyahoga County Public Library system. (Amazing.  They have everything, the website ROCKS, there are DOZENS of branches...and free entertainment when money is tight?  Hell yes!)
54. January 7th. (The first day after the Christmas return period, when we can finally breath a sigh of relief.)
53. October.
52. June.
50. Laptops.  (Like portable joy!)
49. Cleveland's Museum of Contemporary Art.
48. Scarves.
47. Swinging. (Actual swings at the park. Get your mind out of the gutter.)
46. Photo walks.
45. Discovering new music.
44. An unexpected compliment that is believable.
43. My memories of living in Indiana.
42. NOT having a mother-in-law!
41. Having a vocabulary buddy. (Her eyes lit up when I used "lugubrious" in casual conversation...and that's how it started.)

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